romance portraits

romance portraits

Kauai family photography

In my photo sessions I meet couples of all ages from all cities and backgrounds.  Every couple has (and  often does) have their own story to tell.  
Some are in a new relationship. A newly married couple celebrating the beginning of their life together on their honeymoon. Other couples celebrate relationships that have stood the test of time, distance and challenge. While celebrating their accomplishments, their families, and their lives together I get the privilege to make a record of it.

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kauai engagement photographer in PoipuIn this particular photo shoot Valerie and Bruce are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. My favorite part of any session like this when I tell the couple that this is about them and their interaction with each other and not so much about them looking at me and my camera. I encourage them to face each other and savor the moment. Sometimes it all happens very naturally and I hate to even interrupt them for further direction. This is true in this session with this couple from Idaho. Thirty years and 5 kids and they still have that spark. They met at church. She saw him from across the room and knew he was the one. And the rest is history. Here are some memories from the south side.

kauai engagement photographer in Poipu

Ideas for your Kauai engagement photography

Ideas for your Kauai engagement photography

Congratulations are in order if you’ve recently gotten engaged.  Now comes the fun of announcing, planning, and preparing for the journey that will lead to your wedding day.  The first step begins with your engagement as you choose a photographer to take your engagement photos. How do you know which direction to go? There are so many ideas out there.  The amount of inspiration on Pinterest alone is staggering. Narrowing it down to a favorite or favorites can be an overwhelming task. With so many choices where should you start?

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Try to avoid cliché ideas by personalizing your engagement photography. As the years go by you’ll want to look back at your photographs and be reminded of what it felt like starting out together as a young couple. Dont let your  photos be distracted from that goal by overly posed expressions or props that are kitschy spelled with a capital K. Connect with things that have a lot of meaning to you.

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Its best to collaborate with a professional photographer who has the ability to see moments and the skill set to capture them with creativity. I always spend some time getting to know my clients a little bit ahead of the shoot to discuss what their vision might be and how I can best help them.  To go one step further I actually include a complimentary engagement session with all my weddings packages.

What to embrace in your engagement photography:

Embrace anything that shows both your personalities and your relationship. Hairstyles and fashions will change in 20 years  your engagement photos will probably look dated so let them show what your relationship was like at that time. Think about what is special to you and your fiance right now.

Consider locations like your favorite coffee bar with your favorite drinks, an afternoon date reading cuddled up in a blanket, stealing a kiss outside your favorite café, or practicing your first dance on that private slip of a beach where he proposed. Think about what you like to do as a couple on a quiet Saturday afternoon then bring in the photographer whose talent is to capture the moments that really say who you are as a couple.

What to avoid in your engagement photography:

Balloons. Seriously unrealistic. When is the last time you walked down the sidewalk holding hands with a bunch of balloons? Never?  These photos    might sound or look cute but is this who you really are?

Scrabble tiles. Overused. Unless you are a huge fan of board game shenanigans skip them.

Signs that say “He Asked!” Or “She Said Yes!”.  This cute engagement idea has been used and re-used.  Think about it. If you plan on sending your engagement photo to your friends and family it’s probably a safe bet that they know you’ve already said yes. Do we need to reiterate?

Umbrellas (unless its raining).  I’m always surprised when I see this. Why would you take a picture holding an umbrella when it’s not raining? If it is raining then this could be a fun idea.
Of course ultimately, its your choice as a couple what to include or exclude from their engagement photos. Just remember you that your relationship should be the focus because at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.

A private photography session on kauai for your engagement

kauai photographer di3We’ve had long walks in the afternoon. Mornings with snuggles and coffee. I want a portrait to remember our special time on Kauai.

As a photographer on Kauai I know the special spots and perfect times of day to capture the romance and love you have for each other in a private portrait session. Call 808.492.2991 for more information about sessions to photograph you special time.

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Nick and Stephanie came to the beautiful island of Kauai to say their wedding vows. The day before their ceremony we spent some photography time having a little fun with their engagement session. PicMonkey Collage 2



I met with a young couple from Chicago yesterday. The place where we photographed was a bit of a muddy red-dirt challenge, especially for me, but we made it. Working in a place surrounded by trees and the sound of aJ&K stream rushing passed you isn’t bad. Thank you J & K2013_1220_persen_06 copy2013_1220_persen_03 copy copy2013_1220_persen_08-copy copy