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What should I wear for my Hawaii portrait session?


Don’t be too matchy-matchy

For group family portraits you can match if that’s truly what you want but in my opinion a simple color palette that everyone can stick to without wearing the exact same color works best. Or choose a color combination that you like and have everyone in the family dress any way they want, but using only those color options. You want to complement each other and not look identical.


Colors and patterns

Colors bring your photographs to life. I love a nice bright, rich color that really pops in a photo. When choosing patterns, choose smaller ones that won’t attract attention away from your face and use them sparingly. If one person is wearing a print, try to avoid putting someone else in a competing pattern.  Avoid large logos, emblems, and graphics because you don’t want to attract attention away from your smiling faces.  You can also add flair and color through accessories. Please no neon greens or yellows or pinks.

Comfort is key

I think it’s important you wear clothing that YOU feel good in. The pictures will emanate those feelings.

Personalize it

These are YOUR photographs and I want them to speak volumes about you and your family.   We can discuss ahead of time things your family enjoys doing together and you’re welcome to bring props or any accessories that represent who each individual is AND who your family is collectively.

Keep make-up natural but still have some on

You will want to avoid using really heavy makeup, but a bit of color on your lips, eyes, and cheeks will help bring your photos to life.  Be sure to bring some extra lip color with you for touch-ups. If you want something special I have several talented hair and make-up artists I work with on Kauai and I would be happy to recommend one to you.

Let your personalities SHINE

This is one of the most important rules in my book.  The purpose of these photos is to hopefully capture each individual as they truly are, to capture the family, the relationships, and people in the photos just as THEY are.  Forcing children to wear outfits that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar to them may cause some anxiety and stress that may inhibit really capturing their personalities during the session.  The same goes for adults.

Bare feet are the norm for a beach photograph but be sure to bring some type of flip-flop or sandals for walking to the beach.

Keep in mind that the beach is usually a little windy so it’s good to be prepared. Bring with you items such as hair spray, comb, brush, hair bands, or any other item that will help to keep your hair in place.